May 21th, 2023 - Twentynine Palms RV Resort - 29 Palms, CA

I am pretty much permanent now in Twentynine Palms, RV traveling is over. All travel now in my Sould! Have plans for a trip late this summer, we wills ee how it goes here at work.

I plan to be here for a while, stay tuned for updates!


The "Adventure" Continues...

The slide show on the right has the photos I  displayed at the Art Show in Barberton and is some of my better work. I want to Thank all my old Classmates and Friends and Family for making my showing at Nine Muses a huge success!

I will keep updating it as time goes on with my latest photos. Enjoy the show!

I am no longer involved with Yes Bay Lodge but still recommend it highly and will be happy to help make arrangements for your visit to Alaska, I also have other areas of Alaska which I can recommend.

Make sure you follow the travel blog for pictures of my fall and winter travels.

Capt Jim